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Susannah’s paintings depict figurative work as well as abstracted landscapes, and she is fascinated by the female body in its hidden and implied form. At times the imagery is based on observations of the exterior world, and Susannah also understands her paintings as reflections of her inner landscapes and imagery.

The visible as well as the absent tell a story for the observer to interpret, and each piece provides the opportunity for reflection and insight. As a trained Art Therapist she is sensitive to what the paintings tell her. She often allows images to reveal themselves, finding herself intrigued by their stories, and enjoys the interplay of spontaneity and decision making within the creative process.


Music and movement play an important part in the creation of the work. Color choices are often based off of the emotions felt at the time. Susannah works mostly in acrylics on canvas, and occasionally incorporates collage elements into her work.

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